The entire chart follows my mouse around the screen. How do I turn this off?
  • After I click on Check Against Current Price, which is the only useful info, I can no longer scroll through the list or change the sort order because every time I move the mouse, the entire chart shifts its place on the screen.
  • Does your mouse keep focus on the tab?  That's the behaviour you get if you click and leave your button clicked.
    It's  feature that allows you to move the chart around in your browser.
  • No, I try to click it in other areas as well, but that does not help.  I have also tried it with GreaseMonkey turned off and that does not change anything either.

    When I double-click, I can select some things on the chart, but it continues to move when I move the mouse.
  • Try hitting the escape key, to try and defocus the mouse.  I'm not sure how mean people actually use the floating chart feature, so when I get a chance I'll turn it off.  (Soon)
  • ESC did not work, but I did find a work-around.  If I right-click on the tab and select 'open link in new tab', it displays on the new tab and I can work with it there normally. 

    This is all with Firefox under Win7.  I haven't tried any other browsers.
  • Well, I'm using firefox too on win8.1 all seems to be fine.  I'll get to turning off the dragging feature later this week, unless anyone else complains and says they use it everyday.

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