Migrated to NEW code. So Bonds database in Beta Test status.
  • Today, I finished some preliminary testing on the the bond adjust update code.
    Instead of running the data mining, and TAG calculations on excel spreadsheets on my PC, I am now doing it on the web site using php.

    There is significant difference between the code now compared to the excel macros on the PC.  So use the data cautiously, until we confirmed that everything is up to previous standards.

    Please notify me of any issues in this thread.

    Thanks for everyone's support!


  • Tried it out on the Port Health Checkup, now all but 1 281 starbonds are yellow, with UTHUR being red.

    None of the 281 show the movie that will be dropped, second to last column is empty.
  • Um, yes, I was changing code today.
    Things should be back to normal now.  I'm also in the process of doing a daily update.
    Should be done in another hour or so to.

  • Ok, lots of red, to the point the math scares me.

    Check my port health, it was mostly green pre-update, against current price, no some are $10+ opposite, SCARE, for example.

  • I think its because some of the Wide release movies are put as Limited Release, that changes the delist orders. Check it out, I could be wrong though...
  • Check out Desm2
  • Yeah, I know.  Bug in the code.
    It's been corrected, so after Tuesday's full update it should be back to ok.
  • Ok, started the full update.  It's going be done tomorrow some time. Late in the day.
  • Well, it looks the new code is working quite well.  So, I'm taking it out of beta mode.
    One issue is with the movies that start as limited, and then move to wide.  Still can't figure out how to easily parse the original open date.
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