Full Update of Database Completed Today.
  • Database has been updated.
  • Is MISHA correct?

    MISHA$8.98$7.78$57.68$48.702013-07-09SUPR2$293.36TAKSH$1.73Daily Return on Investment: 15.95%
    Cost Before Commission: $0.1796M
    Profit Before Commission: $0.0192M
    " href="http://howprofitable.com/post/bondsrchadv/%20/%20/%20/15.9488733132/">15.95

    I'm holding long, and port checkup showed red against current prices.

    Checkup page says a bit over $1 gain, detail page shows $57 gain....

    I'm not much good at this HSX stuff.

  • From Port Checkup pageimage
  • Check again, I fixed the sort order.  Hope it doesn't break something else.
  • Ok, now it says I should keep him.   Thanks.

  • For 6/11/13 adjust you don't have any Trek2 starbonds listed how come?
  • Yikes, my adjust date algorithm if off by a couples days, for mid-weeks releases.  I've fixed it, and about to upload the new data.
  • *sigh*  How much do you need?   I can tell this is a ploy for donations for better performance.
  • Lol, update is completed.  Better now.

  • Is there really a performance problem? 

     I'm on shared servers, so it's relatively cheap.  A few bucks from everyone will cover costs easily.  Total cost to host the site is about $215/year.  My time is at no cost. (other than opportunity cost)

     If we want to do something processing heavy, we can move to a dedicated server.  Then it'll cost more, of course.  I don't see a need for that yet.
  • No, I meant your personal performance, you know, cash often improves mood. \:D/

    The website is speedy enough.  You've done a GREAT job! 

  • After the latest update, my checkup is all bloody. 

  • MISHA is broken again, though.  Same as above.  Or, I'm retarded.

    I'm retarded.  Movie in between BIG adjust that was missed by PBAS?

    Was all green, then re-checked, now a lot of red again,
  • all better now. 

    done with diary entries for today, i hope.
  • Take, by that last entry it's ok.
    My port check seems fine as well.
    Let me know if there's any issues.
  • Now Trek2 starbonds are under 6/18/13 adjust date.  It looks like everything got pushed forward a week.  Can you check that out as well??
  • Yeah, the adjust dates are wrong.  I'm updating them now.
  • Reply to @Quickslver99:

    Reloaded everything. Seems ok now.
  • Are the updates done and all is well, or do we still tread carefully?
    Should we buy you a beer afer allt this stress?  What's a beer go for in  your area, anyway?

  • I'm doing the updates from the website now using php.  Just finished preliminary testing.  Looks good, but I'm sure there's weird cases, that I not accounted for.  

    No more excel macros.

    Have no idea how much beer costs, since I haven't had one in 5 years.  Never been a big beer fan.
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