Intermittent Server Internal Error 500 - [an error occurred while processing this directive]
  • I haven't seen anybody else post about this, but maybe I skimmed thinking posts were in a magic order.

    This is the message I get more often than not when visiting this site, it started about 3 months ago? 

    Blank Page, with  [an error occurred while processing this directive]     When looking at web debug info, it's Web Server Internal Error 500.   This is when trying to go to, or any of my bookmarks, such as health check or bonds.

    Am I the only one with this issue?    I'm not sure if an ad blocker is causing it or what.  All other sites function mostly normally.

    If I don't respond to a post here, you can email me, you should have my email yet, and are you due for a bit more cash?

  • I contacted my hosting service, and they say there was file permission issues.
    And they "fixed" it, and now every seems to be working.
    Let me know if you have more issues.

    Besides that, how is the web site?
    I have not been on for a while.

  • Been running great!  Thank you for that!  

    I hit a billion in HSX and just coasted of late, maybe more active in 2017, now I just hit bonds like every third week, not caring about losses.

  • Been a bit more active of late, and I can replicate the Server 500 error by "Hide Referrer" add on.   Just figured that out, in case it comes up again.   Referrer URL needs to be whitelisted for this site.

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