Moved to Ad Based Model.
  • As you may already have seen, I have moved to a banner based model.
    This way people don't have to feel guilty about using the site, without contributing.

    It is my hope that regular users will do their shopping by clicking through here.
    If you're going to get that CD/DVD/Blueray, etc.  might as well support the site and buy through us, on Amazon.

  • Are you still going to take donation as well I'm assuming?  I haven't been on much but I do appreciate the service.

    Also I set Adblocker to off for the site, hopefully you're getting something for views.
  • Sure, I'll add the donation button back.  I don't anticipate this site is going to be able to generate enough clicks to pay for itself.
  • I'll try to remember to click next time I have some extra cash.

    Thank you MUCH for putting your work and time into this site!
  • Hi Arf,  thanks!  Unfortunately I got delete from associates account due to lack of clicks.  I'll eventually turn the donate button back on.  I don't think this site generates enough clicks to be ad support. :-(

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