LHEMS adjusts
  • Are the adjusts for LHEMS and EMPST & HGAM2 correct? It looks like the math isn't adding up right.
  • Looks ok to me.  Don't forget the gross are all clamped at $250M, even though the movies grossed more.
  • I didn't know that, thanks. Looks like a lot of other people don't either, because the stock keeps going up.
  • Yeah, that's really strange.  Maybe EMPST will go wide, but even then it doesn't justify the current price.
    Too bad we can't discuss about stock movements on HSX.
    But, you can discuss all you want here. :-)
  • Ok, I see what's going on EMPST is currently Zero Box Office, so it probably won't be adjusted for that. So everyone is buying it for the HGAMEs adjusts.

    For my calculations, it's still in release state, and I don't drop it until after the second week.
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