Where do I look for the Post-Adjust list when you state the DB is updated today, after adjust?
  • Is there some table format of HSXDude's PBAS that I do not know about?

  • It all under the main HSX menu, "All Bond Adjust" tab.

    Of course, life is easier if you use Portfolio Health Checker:

  • Ok, so the health check is operational for post adjust after the evening update on Tuesdays now?

  • Yes, I've scheduled the updates everyday around 6:00 PM EST. (Takes about 3 hrs to complete.)
    The Port Health Check works every day, 24/7, but numbers are only updated at that time.
  • Problem w/MRUDO, Adjust table for next week shows long,  Port Health Check says short

  • Well, Health Check is relative.  The next TAG is $106.27, so if you bought it below that, then it should be green, and if you bought it above that, then it will be red.  What was your purchase price? You didn't buy it higher than next TAG, did you?

    The real question is, is the $106.27 correct?  I checked, and both the "Next Adjust" and "Port Health" are both reporting that amount as the next TAG.
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