Two NEW Features on HowProfitable. Movie and Bond Attachments Changes.
  • As of today, I'm announcing two new features:

    1- Already announced on the Movie Forum on HSX, "Movie Changes".  This tracks the changes in all most data for movies.  Things like "Release Date", "Number of Theatres", "Status", "Phase Changes", etc.

    2- New I just finished it today, "Bond Attachment" tracking.  This will track when a bond is newly attached to or newly dettached from a movie.

    They botch are new tabs on the main HSX page of

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I'd like to use these 2 new features. However, when I click on either of them all I get are the column headings and the calendar - no data. All of the other features seem to work great. Any thoughts? 

  • If there's nothing in the table, then I didn't pick up any changes today.
    The last day with something in Movies was on the 26th.  Click that date and you should see something.
  • Thanks! You're right, I do see both Movie & Bond changes if I pick a "good" date.
  • RSS Feed?
  • Reply to @jack:Yes that woud be great.  I'll look into it.  I think there might be a plugin for Vanilla.

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