NEW Feature Announcements!
  • Hi Folks,

    I'm using this discussion for new feature announcements now.

    Newest Feature:

    Live TAG calculations

    The bond links now are pointing to the new bond tag view, which allows you to load live movie and bond price from HSX, and manually change the prices, open dates, and patterns of the movies.

    Enjoy, and let me know of any issues.

    2013/12/03 - Added View/Buy/Short/Sell/Cover menus.

    2013/12/06 - Implemented "Options tab" and  "InstaTrade" feature.
    • Added a new ":Options" tab, where you can turn on/off "InstaTrade"
    • Since "Preferences" are used to save the options, it's members only.
    • InstaTrade will allow you to send a trade to HSX without the need for a confirmation.
    • One trade one click.
    • You can also set your default portfolio, which you have saved earlier in the Portfolio Health Check
    • With InstaTrade on, all the trade buttons will turn red.  (BEWARE!)
    • After setting either option, you need to reload for them to take effect.

  • Oh forgot another thing.  I'm now loading the full database twice a day.  I've optimised the code, and find that it's possible to get two runs in a day.
  • One more feature.
    The bonds tables will show an asterix next to the bond if it's in your portfolio, save on the server.
    Mouse over the bond, and you can see the shares owned, price paid, and position held.

    Yet another good reason to use  your portfolio portfolio checker.
  • Is the site down?  It seems like most of the numbers are all mixed up.
  • No, was updating a for a few hours.
    Which number are mixed up?  What bonds?
  • Is JBARD right?  I am a little confused with next adjust
  • Is it only JBARD? JB23 has a strange "Release Pattern" value that's confusing my code.
    I changed it, now, so I think JBARD is fine again.  Other bonds will update.
  • EMWAT??

  • Update is completed.
  • I think FGRIL and ARISE next adjust figures for 7/2 are not correct. 
  • Yeah looks like all limited movies that that go wide, and straddles two years. 
    I think the problem is solved.  FGRIL is updated, and the rest are being updated now.
  • hey, just want to say thanks for all the work you have put into this site for all of us to use!
  • NP, dude!
    Still working out some issues with the drops.
  • The "next adjust" ARB and Zero balance tabs are not working bro.
  • What happens?  I can see them fine.
  • Maybe try to clear your javascript cache, since the sorting code is new.
  • Hey, Webby.  Has the problem with the "next adjust" tab been solved with cache clearing?
  • Hi

    Would you be able to explain a little bit more about this "Next Adjust" table? It seems you have a limit to have it only show bonds that have a DROI > 1%, why is that?
    I'm playing bonds quite a bit and would like to be able to see less profitable bonds as well.

    In order to see all upcoming adjustst I used to go to the Search Bonds page and just put in a limit of 0% so I could see all adjusts. But now I have noticed that this is returning different results than is showing on your HSX Page.

    APLAZ in MONS2:  Next adjust shows a droi of 127%, a generic search (0% droi) is coming up with 135%
    MFOX in WWARZ: 07-16 adjust shows a droi of 11,39%, a generic search (0% droi) is coming up with 0%

    is there a need for a full refresh?

    Last question: I've noticed that during my day (CET) some bonds show an update date of 00-00-00, later these disappear again. Is this an indication that an update is running?

    Thanks again for all your work on this.

  • Interesting thing you point out about APLAZ.  The dROI should be the same in both places.  I'll look into wht there's a difference.  Cursory inspection of the code seems to indicate a bug somewhere.

    As for the Zero percent dROI cut off, this is because Kaigee is only showing the next 90 days, so the list is shorter.  However, I'm show all next updates, so the list is too long, if I don't cut it off at a certain reasonable dROI value. 

    My thinking is that if the delist is going to be within the next few months and the dROI is < 1% is it really worth it to start investing in it now?  My intention is to let the next adjust able be used for people to look at all long term investments that are worthwhile.

    If investors want to look at all investments, they look at the All Bonds table.  It contains all DROI values, since I don't load the information until the slider is activated.  It's more efficient on database usage.
  • Oh yes, forgot to answer, "00-00-00" means database is being updated.
    Normal schedule is 12:00 and 22:00 CET and lasts for about 2.5 - 3.0 hours.

    All data update times are reset at the start, and the new data is updated to the old table every 15 minutes.

    However, I do occasionally do manual updates, especially when I'm running tests.  So if you see an update out of those times, I'm running tests.
  • Thanks for the explanation; I get your point on the 1% cut off, it makes sense. No need to change it, i just wanted to know.
    I like park some of the money in my port in bonds that will adjust 30 or more $ in a long time from now, low profit indeed, but low maintenance as well.
  • Ok, I found the issue with the DROI.  It was just some hold over code from when I was not keeping the adjust dates in the movies database.  It should be ok now.  They both match now.
  • Reply to @JOOST:
    Oh btw, I hope you don't do those searches more than once or twice a day, since it's very expensive on database time. You're getting all bonds that have attachments, which was 1405, by my count.
  • Thanks! works perfect now.
  • Any chance to get the Port Monkey Author to pull from your data now that it is more up to date?

  • Antibody says, I'm not allowed to re-distribute any data.
  • Hey buddy,

    I just checked (sorry work has been killing me) and I still just see "Loading,,," on the HSX lists.
  • Strange, are you blocking Javascript?
    Maybe you can try clearing your Javascript cache.
  • *blinks* Am I blocking javascript you ask the web developer?  That sounds like a reasonable way to have a short career.  I checked in IE10 and Firefox on my current network.  Used Chrome on a BYOD network with the same behavior.

    I will review the options to see if I am blocking local storage.
  • Sorry, wasn't aware.  Any errors showing up on the JS console?
    I tested on Chrome and IE, and it's ok for me.
    I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.
  • So what is working for you, on this site then?
  • I can do the searches for starbonds, which is the main reason this site exists.  let me open developer tools.
  • Did you change anything?  I enabled firebug...and everything is working.
  • Reply to @websch01ar:
    Nope nothing has changed.  Firebug is a debugger, right? Not sure what effect that should have.
  • I really am not sure what has is quite weird. 

    So how should I leverage the "Movie Changes" tab?
  • I had the same problem before. I had to make sure www. or http: was not before, now everything works fine
  • Reply to @vigus24:
    Don't see how www or http would change things.  Shouldn't really be a name server or protocol issue.
  • Reply to @websch01ar:
    You mean how to use the information?  Once a day, after I update the database, I compare last night's movie and bond data to the new data, then I report on what changes have been made.
  • I dont know anything about that stuff, all I know is that it works fine now
  • Yeah, the AHost record www would route to the same place as without.  It could be that FF updated and resolved whatever was broken.  Who knows.

    Well the Movie Changes tab would be great, but you would lose money if you bought on a day's old news though.
  • Reply to @websch01ar:
    Who says you need to buy?  You can also short.
    I could update it during the day, but HSX was a little concerned about the load on their server.
    But the changes tabs serves as a convenient way to check on history without having to go through all the posts on the HSX site or checking out each individual bond/movie, one by one.
  • Jack Goes Boating needs a manual date entry
  • Reply to @jack: Huh?
  • It's release date here says 1969, probably because it is in a different format on its HSX page. PSHOF did not drop PRADO yesterday, despite what his chart says.
  • Reply to @jack: Ok, that's been fixed.  It should't happen again, since now I'm taking the release dates from the bond page, which is always in the correct format. After today's full update, all the movies should have the correct release dates.

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