Many thanks to all who have contributed so far!
  • It will help greatly.  I'm going to use this thread to build a contributors list.  Please include your username with the donate, to indicate that want to be on the list, otherwise your donation will be anonymous.  Thanks again!

    Contributing Members, so far below.  (There are actually 3, but I can't match the name with the username here.)


  • Umm, that's all?
  • Plus a couple of anonymous donors.  Hope we get a few more, so I can cover my expenses before the next renewal.  Not that the site will go offline, if I don't but would be nice to have the site be self-sustaining.
  • Let me know what you need.  I'm initimately familiar with how much it costs, in both time and especially money, to run sites.   I manage a number of them in spare time.
  • Thanks, dude!  I'll do a funding drive when renewal time comes around.

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