Database back into Released state, with one caveat...
  • Well, it looks the new code is working quite well.  So, I'm taking it out of beta mode.
    One issue is with the movies that start as limited, and then move to wide.  Still can't figure out how to easily parse the original open date.
  • Twitter OAUTH is down....had to create a new account.  ;)
  • Yeah, the request is getting a bad response and the code is throwing an exception.
    I haven't changed anything in that code, since the last time I "fixed" the login problem, so assuming it's a transient problem with twitter.

    I'll check again later to see if it's persistent.
  • How about we purge the twitter account I have and rename this account?  Willing to do that for me?
  • Ok, I changed your name to websh01ar. Hope you're the right websh01ar, and not spoofing me.  I'm going to post a message on House of Ill Repute, to confirm that this is you.
  • Thanks boss!
  • NP! Let me know if there's any issues, since I had to do it manually.
  • Is there a way to save opening dates, then if it changes, have it flag you an email to manually review the exact status?

    I forgot if the feed includes limited/wide or not, one of the ones I had did, but that was a long while back and I don't know if they've changed it.
  • What feed?  I'm just parsing HTML, but if you have a link to a xml feed that would make it much more efficient both for me and HSX.  Send me a private message, and we can discuss this feed.

    I could add a feature to do e-mail notifications, if there's demand.  
  • Oh, um, that feed, you'll need to talk to the boss about that.  I'm not sure if it exists anymore, it used to, though.  Maybe message hsxadmin about it for permissions?
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